Sustainable Gift Guide that Won’t Break Your Bank

It's the holiday season (duh!) and if you didn't start on black Friday you're probably at least thinking about buying your loved ones gifts by now. This season, so many people get things they don't want or need, and a lot ends up getting wasted. Not to mention how much waste goes towards packaging alone!… Continue reading Sustainable Gift Guide that Won’t Break Your Bank

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Ultimate DIY Vegan Mac N’ Cheese Guide

Let's face it, vegan cheese is... less than exciting. You finally find that one brand that doesn't taste like garbage and you're like wow! I can tolerate this one! Delicious! But, vegan mac and cheese doesn't have to be the same old thing every time. There are tons of plant based options that can give you that creamy, salty, "cheesy-ness" that you have been missing. And there are also tons of different versions out there, which just get more and more confusing as you read more and more recipes.